Smalldb Framework Components

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The core of the Smalldb framework. This library provides generic implementations and defines interfaces of Smalldb state machines.
Smalldb Symfony Bundle:
Symfony bundle for Smalldb. Integrates libsmalldb into Symfony framework.
Naive, powerful and predictable SQL query builder with fluent API used by libSmalldb to access SQL database. Based on PDO. MySQL and SQLite supported, Postgresql planned. It is optional and can be replaced by any other library or ORM.
Template Sloth:
Twig template extension which provides a slot-based mechanism to control web page composition. The slots provide a widget-like feel and better template reusability.
Fully featured, yet very simple JSON REST interface for use with single page applications or similar simple setups.
A simple, but very useful tool to maintain changes in SQL database. It is based on a directory of SQL scripts and a simple SQL table, which records already executed scripts.

Cascade Core:
Machine-friendly block programming framework for semi-automatic software synthesis. — See; not yet integrated to Smalldb framework.
Graph visualization tool. Inspired by Graphviz, designed for the Web.

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