Smalldb uses PHPUnit to run tests. The tests produce HTML output to demonstrate various features like running the STS Algorithm on BPMN diagrams.


Smalldb framework is a collection of several little components. Some are stable, some internal, others are work-in-progress. The following table shows status of each Smalldb component.

Component Status Ver. Note
Reference Interface & Trait Stable 2.0 The interface and trait are meant to be used together. Interface changes will be reflected in the trait.
State machine definition Stable 2.0
Definition Extension API Stable 2.0
Method Transition Decorator Stable 2.0
Transition Guard Stable 2.0 Will be extended with read access control.
Repository & Data sources Experimental To be redesigned in version 2.1.
Class Generator Internal
Access Control Extension Stable 2.0
BPMN Extension Stable 2.0
Doctrine Extension WIP
DTO Extension Stable 2.0
GraphML Extension Stable 2.0
Sources Extension Stable 2.0
SQL Extension Experimental Object–Relational mapping (hydration and query builder) needs to be redesigned.
Style Extension Stable 2.0
Class Locator Internal
Code Cooker Experimental API of the generated classes may change slightly.
Graph Stable 2.0
PHP File Writer Internal Very ugly.
Symfony Bundle Experimental
Smalldb Annotations Stable 2.0 Annotation syntax and @Annotation class API are stable. The reader may change.
Doc Tools Internal
Grafovatko Stable 2.0