Template Sloth
Template Sloth

Slot-based template extension.

See https://smalldb.org/template-sloth/


Using Composer:

composer require smalldb/template-sloth

Symfony's config.yml — add sloth service, it will register into Twig automatically:

class: Smalldb\​TemplateSloth\​Sloth
arguments: [ '@twig' ]

Error: Unexpected "slot" tag (expecting closing tag for the "…" tag defined near line …) in …

This means the Sloth did not install the Twig extension. Is your dependency injection container configured properly?

$sloth = $this->get('sloth');
$sloth->setLayout('layout.html.twig', [ 'user' => 'Alice']);
$sloth->slot('content')->add(10, 'template.html.twig', [ 'foo' => 'bar' ];
$sloth->slot('content')->add(20, 'template.html.twig', [ 'foo' => 'foo' ];
return $sloth->response();
{% if 'content' is empty_slot %}
No content available.
{% else %}
{% slot 'content' %}
{% endif %}

See https://smalldb.org/doc/template-sloth/master/

The most of the code is published under Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE file for details.

Project's primary repository is hosted at https://git.frozen-doe.net/smalldb/template-sloth, feel free to submit issues there or create merge requests.