libSmalldb  v0.7
Todo List
Member AbstractMachine::exportDotIdentifier ($str, $prefix= 's_')
Extract Graphviz library to keep graphs and parts of the graphs contained.
Member AbstractMachine::isTransitionAllowed (Reference $ref, $transition_name, $state=null, &$access_policy=null)
Transition should not have full definition of the policy, only its name. Definitions should be in common place.
Member AbstractMachine::performSelfCheck ()
Extend this method with more checks.
Class FlupdoBackend
Make this dumb and provide it from somewhere else.
Member FlupdoBackend::createQueryBuilder ($type)
This should be machine listing, not general query builder.
Member FlupdoMachine::$user_id_auth_method
Review this.
Member FlupdoMachine::checkAccessPolicy ($access_policy_name, Reference $ref)
Caching ? Reference object has property cache. It would be nice to pass it here.
Member FlupdoMachine::queryAddPropertiesSelect ($query)
Skip some properties in lisings.
Member JsonDirBackend::createListing ($filters, $filtering_flags=0)
: Support complex filtering over multiple machine types and make 'type' filter optional.
Member Reference::__construct (AbstractMachine $machine, $id=null)
Check $id to be made of scalar values only.
Member SharedTokenMachine::calculateViewValue ($id, $view, &$properties_cache=null, &$view_cache=null, &$persistent_view_cache=null)
Replace this with something better.
Class Utils
Refactor this to standalone classes or libraries.