libSmalldb  v0.7
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NSmalldbState Machine Abstraction Layer
 NStateMachineImplementation of Smalldb state machine, the nondeterministic parametric finite automaton
 NAuthAuthentication and authorization
 CAllowAllAuthIAuth implementation which allows everything (for testing only)
 CCookieAuthIAuth implementation using Smalldb state machine and shared session token in a cookie to identify SharedTokenMachine instance
 CIAuthAuthenticator interface
 CRuntimeExceptionSomething went wrong in state machine authentication
 CSharedTokenMachineSession management using a shared token
 CGraphSearchDepth First Search & friends
 CHookSimple hook mechanism to dispatch events
 CUnionFindUnion-Find on scalar values (IDs or indexes)
 CAbstractBackendContainer and factory of all state machines
 CAbstractMachineImplementation of the state machine transitions
 CArrayMachineSimple testing machine implementation
 CBpmnAnnotationExceptionSomething went wrong when parsing annotations in BPMN file
 CBpmnExceptionSomething went wrong when parsing BPMN file
 CBpmnReaderBPMN reader
 CFlupdoBackendSmalldb Backend which provides database via Flupdo
 CFlupdoCrudMachineSimple state machine for typical CRUD entities accessed via Flupdo
 CFlupdoGenericListingA very generic listing based on Flupdo::SelectBuilder
 CFlupdoMachineBase class for state machines accessed via Flupdo
 CGraphMLExceptionSomething went wrong when parsing GraphML file
 CGraphMLReaderGraphML reader
 CIListingA prefered way to retrieve list of existing state machine instances
 CIMachineDefinitionReaderInterface of state machine definition reader – converts external file to Smalldb machine definition
 CInstanceDoesNotExistExceptionInstance does not exist, so it does not make sense to read properties or something like that
 CInvalidArgumentExceptionWrong data passed to state machine
 CInvalidReferenceExceptionInvalid reference requested
 CJsonDirBackendSmalldb Backend which loads state machine definitions from a directory full of JSON files and other files included by the JSON files; each JSON file defines a one state machine type
 CJsonReaderJSON reader
 CJsonSchemaHtmlRendererRender JSON schema into HTML elements
 CJsonSchemaReaderLoad JSON schema from file and interpret extends_file directive
 CReferenceReference to one or more state machines
 CRuntimeExceptionSomething went wrong in state machine
 CSimpleBackendSimple and stupid backend which must be told about everything
 CStateMachineHasErrorsExceptionState machine has errors
 CTransitionAccessExceptionAccess denied to requested transition
 CTransitionExceptionSomething is wrong with current transition
 CTransitionPreCheckExceptionTransition aborted by pre-check method
 CUnknownFiltersExceptionUnknown filters detected when creating filters