libSmalldb  v0.2
Todo List
Member AbstractMachine::getView ($id, $view, &$properties_cache=null, &$view_cache=null, &$persistent_view_cache=null)
Override or call handlers?
Member AbstractMachine::isTransitionAllowed (Reference $ref, $transition_name, $state=null)
Transition should not have full definition of the policy, only its name. Definitions should be in common place.
Class FlupdoBackend
Make this dumb and provide it from somewhere else.
Member FlupdoBackend::createQueryBuilder ($type)
This should be machine listing, not general query builder.
Member FlupdoGenericListing::setupSphinxSearch ($filter_name, $value, $machine_filter)
Add param. conditions here
Member FlupdoMachine::$user_id_auth_method
Review this.
Member FlupdoMachine::checkAccessPolicy ($access_policy_name, Reference $ref)

Caching ? Reference object has property cache. It would be nice to pass it here.

Are we sure?

Member FlupdoMachine::queryAddAccessPolicyCondition ($access_policy_name, $query)
Remove hardcoded role name
Member FlupdoMachine::queryAddPropertiesSelect ($query)

Skip some properties in lisings.

Refactor query building syntax to be used everywhere; see $filters in FlupdoGenericListing

Member FlupdoMachine::scanTableColumns ()
Do not include corrupted information, but at least something.
Member JsonDirBackend::createListing ($filters, $filtering_flags=0)
Support complex filtering over multiple machine types.
Member Reference::__construct (AbstractMachine $machine, $id=null)
Check $id to be made of scalar values only.
Page The Big Picture
Review routing.
Member Utils::filename_format ($template, $values)
How to invalidate this cache?
Member Utils::parse_json_file ($filename)
Use different exception ?